Suitable storage will always help you get the very best from your wine A lover or collector of wine will know that it can improve with age, but some might not know that incorrectly storing wine can have disastrous effects. There are general guidelines to wine storage, but safeguarding your wine from loss and damage should always be a priority. Whether you’re a personal wine collector or a restaurant owner, you may not have an
You’ve found the perfect home but it lacks the necessary space, what do you do? It’s the stuff of nightmares. It’s in your perfect location, with the perfect commute to work, and it ticks every box bar one: you need more room than it has to offer you. The answer is more simple than you think. We don’t like to tease you, but wrack your brains and see if you can come up with a
Keep your prized possessions safe We all have a tendency to let possessions accumulate over the years in which we live in a property. Many of them will be items that we could happily do without, but many others will have huge sentimental (or financial) value. It’s these items that are at risk whenever you undertake major home improvements or renovating. It’s all too easy for a sheet to slip off a chair and paint

Attempting Home Improvement

Posted on 18 January 2017

Britain is back into DIY. According to figures revealed by Lloyds Bank last year, national spending on home maintenance rose to its highest level since 2008 and there was a consequential drop in the use in trade services. Great news for the owners and shareholders of the giant chain stores, if not the local plumber. In an age of necessary penny-pinching and online tutorials, many seem to try to save money by doing it themselves.