You’ve found the perfect home but it lacks the necessary space, what do you do? It’s the stuff of nightmares. It’s in your perfect location, with the perfect commute to work, and it ticks every box bar one: you need more room than it has to offer you. The answer is more simple than you think. We don’t like to tease you, but wrack your brains and see if you can come up with a
Keep your prized possessions safe We all have a tendency to let possessions accumulate over the years in which we live in a property. Many of them will be items that we could happily do without, but many others will have huge sentimental (or financial) value. It’s these items that are at risk whenever you undertake major home improvements or renovating. It’s all too easy for a sheet to slip off a chair and paint
Britain is back into DIY. According to figures revealed by Lloyds Bank last year, national spending on home maintenance rose to its highest level since 2008 and there was a consequential drop in the use in trade services. Great news for the owners and shareholders of the giant chain stores, if not the local plumber. In an age of necessary penny-pinching and online tutorials, many seem to try to save money by doing it themselves.
There is no need to rush finding that dream home. Moving house is a long process; even leafing through the reams of emails and answering telephone calls from eternally-optimistic estate agents can take up hours of the day. Combine this with the impending termination of a lease or completion of another sale and it becomes a stressful business. Help is at hand in Cambridgeshire as a high percentage of Morespace customers use us as a
Time to get the house in order for winter. Just like the squirrels scampering around the Cambridgeshire countryside stashing away the last of their nuts to see them through the next few months, we too should be making preparations for spending more time indoors. As much as there have been the predictable tabloid scare stories about weeks of snow, chillier weather is still expected to feature prominently and the sitting room is sure to be