History of Manor Farm

From arable farm to self storage facility

Manor Farm at Graveley is a steeped in history. The Manor House at Manor Farm was the first dwelling in Graveley, recorded in 1250. The site was originally controlled by the Ramsey Abbey until the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539. It was constructed using clays extracted from the site, evident today in the remaining surrounding wall and nearby buildings. In 1557 the estate was sold to John Fuller, the Master of Jesus College at Cambridge University. A visit to Manor Farm was discussed by Samuel Pepys in his diary of 1661.

Jesus College let the estate to numerous tenants until its sale to Frank Eayrs (David Moore’s grandfather). A new agricultural barn was constructed in 1964, which was extended in 1971 & 1981. The site was an arable farm growing cereal crops including wheat, barley, oilseed rape & field beans until 2000. The agricultural barn has recently been improved to bring it up to modern standards. Today the family are proud it’s being put to good use again as the home of the Morespace Storage facility.

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Manor Farm House at Graveley in 1922

Morespace Storage at Manor Farm