Self Storage for Beginners

Key Differences in Self Storage

Most people approach us as self storage first timers. It can be easy to assume that self storage is one commodity to begin with, but the reality is there are many different types and qualities available. This means it can be fairly confusing for those who are just starting out.

household self storage in action at morespace
Morespace offer the best quality self storage in our local area and the key differences are;

  • Choose the size you really need – purpose built, steel partitioned indoor rooms of all different sizes
  • Dryness assured – a free flow of air is important to consider when storing belongings reacting to moisture, including soft furnishings, electrical and paper based goods
  • Convenient Access – come and go as you please using your own PIN access code
  • Easy move-in and out – our indoor loading bays offer a shelter from any inclement weather, with trollies, dollies, trucks and a goods lift available to transport to your room
  • Maximum security – our individually alarmed rooms are secured with your own padlock. All activity is recorded by our megapixel HD CCTV, including faces in rain and vehicle registration plates in darkness
  • Best Value Storage – our price guarantee ensures prices are the most competitive in our local area
Local competitors are completely different, mostly offering storage in shipping containers or wooden crates;

  • Lack of ventilation – when an enclosed storage unit is opened, the humidity of the outside air is transferred inside. Later the temperature rises which can cause condensation, resulting in all sorts of mould, fungus and other moisture damage
  • One size fits all – shipping containers and crates are usually only available in one or few sizes
  • Appointment required – a staff member usually needs to be arranged to provide you access
  • Outside loading – brave the rain, wind, puddles or ice and hope you or your items aren’t harmed in the process of unloading your vehicle
  • 24 hour access – sounds convenient but staff aren’t usually around at night which in our opinion, is a significant security risk

There’s only so much which can be explained – the best way to discover all the benefits of Morespace Storage is by seeing it for yourself!

Please contact us to arrange a viewing.