Keeping your mind healthy is thought to be just as important as your body. These days there’s greater understanding of how our minds and physical health link together. Studies have found that being more active, improves brain health. We’ve all had times where we’d like to seek positive ways to reduce stress. Exercise releases endorphins into the brain, triggering good feelings and boosting mood. Perhaps there’s a practical pursuit that fits into your existing week
Whether you’ve financial documents, general office records, or previous supplier details, storing business archives safely and securely is ever more prevalent. Archive content normally isn’t required day-to-day, so can be stored somewhere appropriate for the future. Archived documents can easily consume a significant area of your physical working environment. When archives are stored elsewhere, an office space previously cluttered with historical paperwork becomes more effective, with room for an additional desk or new equipment. Protecting
Does it give you satisfaction adding the final pieces to a newly arranged room? Putting the finishing touch to an interior, can be quite a skill. If you’ve just renovated or decorated your home, you’ll recognise the importance of complementing your surroundings. Brainstorming Mood boards are useful to create at an early stage. They’ll provide a visual interpretation of how various styles, tones and textures will look combined with your existing furniture and flooring. You
Do you love or loathe decorating? However you feel, if decorating is a chore you could happily do without, perhaps how you approach it can help. Discovering inspiration How do you find inspiration? Maybe you’re moving into your first home and it’s not your preferred colour scheme. One way to inject enthusiasm into your interior design plans, could be to view various show homes. Consider visiting a new restaurant or shop, as often they reflect
Fortunate enough to have your own garage, shed or an outbuilding and envisage an improvement? Whether it’s developing room for tools, garden equipment or machinery, a space can sometimes be neglected in the order of priorities. Retrieving the right tool for the right job is always a bonus! A shed or an outside building can have multiple uses inside one space. It’s often a zone for grubby jobs, which would otherwise encroach your home space