There are many reasons you could be looking at downsizing your property. Perhaps where you are currently living is too expensive for you to run and you need a smaller property? Or maybe your children have flown the nest and you don’t need so much space? Whatever your reason, choosing a smaller home to live in doesn’t have to be stressful or problematic when it comes to your belongings. Storing your belongings For many people,
It’s top of many people’s bucket lists to go backpacking or touring around the world. While travelling is often seen as something many do during their gap year when they’re relatively care-free and not tied down with adult life, it’s also becoming popular for others to take career breaks in order to up sticks and see all the countries they have dreamt of. Why you need self storage Some of the key concerns that you
Whether in or around St Neots, or further afield, quite often manual handling tasks are rushed when getting items from A to B – when they should be the top priority. So how many people actually stop to think about if they are lifting correctly and safely? It helps to have a good idea of the right way to lift and carry manually, as well as the best strategies behind shifting larger household items. It
Why is packaging important? The correct packaging not only safeguards your items and prevents costly damage but also maximises the use of space and makes it easier for you to find what you want, when you want it. As such, boxes are probably the most commonly used form of packaging for self-storage, as their shape makes them easy to stack. Choosing the correct cardboard boxes For boxes, there are two hard and fast rules to
Suitable storage will always help you get the very best from your wine A lover or collector of wine will know that it can improve with age, but some might not know that incorrectly storing wine can have disastrous effects. There are general guidelines to wine storage, but safeguarding your wine from loss and damage should always be a priority. Whether you’re a personal wine collector or a restaurant owner, you may not have an