When considering self storage, for many people it’s a difficult task working out what size space you need and how to pack your unit. Through clever planning and organisation, you can help to maximise costs and organise it well so it’s easily accessible. Here’s some great tips to help you along the way. “Clean out the past, pack up the present and prepare for a better future!” Sort through your belongings Declutter your items before
With so many people working from home for the foreseeable future, it’s worth creating a more appropriate workspace in your home. Here’s some ideas to help create an effective working environment, to improve your well-being and increase productivity. Find the perfect space Your home office should ideally be a separate space from your daily living, creating boundaries between work and personal life. The starting point is to choose a room in the house that would
With the housing market experiencing a mini boom in 2020 and this year predicted to be similar, if you’re looking to sell your home quickly here’s a simple guide. First impressions always count to potential buyers, which in most cases would initially be online and then when they view your property. With this in mind it’s worth preparing your home in advance of putting it on the market. On most occasions, as soon as an
Whether you’re moving house, welcoming a new family member (or saying goodbye!), extending your hobby or simply need additional space – a quality self storage unit could be the best option for storing your goods. Whatever your reason for needing self storage, it can sometimes feel overwhelming with so many factors to consider, so here’s a handy guide to help you make the right choices. Choosing a Quality Self Storage Facility Find a reputable facility
There are many reasons you could be looking at downsizing your property. Perhaps where you are currently living is too expensive for you to run and you need a smaller property? Or maybe your children have flown the nest and you don’t need so much space? Whatever your reason, choosing a smaller home to live in doesn’t have to be stressful or problematic when it comes to your belongings. Storing your belongings For many people,