How Can Your Business Benefit from Self Storage?

Whether you’re a sole trader, involved in a PLC or anything in-between, many types of businesses benefit from self-storage, to help their company grow and evolve. While it might be a really smart move anyway, the advantages are more than worth it and that’s not just the cost. Let’s look at some of the many reasons why and the types of business that are benefitting right now.

Retailers & distributors

If you run an eBay or Etsy shop from home , you might have limited storage space, and a storage unit could help. It also gives an option to store surplus stock or inventory, a base to take photos or samples, package and prepare for dispatch.


Plumbers, electricians, builders etc. could all find storage useful – somewhere secure to store your tools and allows you to purchase items in bulk.

Professional advisors

Accountants, solicitors, consultants etc. use self-storage to retain sensitive records, archived documentation or exhibition equipment. Particularly useful for long-term mandatory documents that need archived but not necessarily accessed on a daily basis. Therefore freeing-up more working space in your office.

Arts, crafts & studios

Photographers , for example, would have a blank space to set-up in a safe place to leave their equipment. A self storage unit is also works great as a showroom, to display products or services to your prospective customers

Convenience & flexibility

You can come and go as you please during access hours, take advantage of free parking (even for commercial vehicles) and be in complete control of items delivered to your unit.

Self-storage also enables you to scale your business, growing with you by upsizing your unit. In the same vein, it can also downsize with you, as most self-storage facilities don’t require long-term commitments and work on a month-to-month basis.

Many self-storage facilities include packaging shops, allowing you to conveniently purchase cardboard boxes, bubble wrap amongst other items, ready for an effective dispatch of your products.

Control costs

Self-storage costs are simple to budget for, with an all-inclusive monthly invoice, no long-term lease commitments, business rates or utility bills. Therefore costs can be kept under control and flexible enough should you need to downsize or indeed grow.

Safety & security

When it comes to the safety and security of your important items, you can rest assured that most facilities have CCTV, individual unit alarm systems, personalised access codes and you secure the room with your own padlock.

Multi-region storage

Because they are so convenient, self-storage units are perfect for businesses that serve customers all over the country. These units can serve as stock-holding places for other personnel, such as field engineers or staff, to use whenever they require them. This is the ideal solution because it features both high levels of protection and quick access.

How much space?

If self-storage makes a lot of sense for your business, how much room do you actually need? Fortunately many self-storage facilities provide space estimations online or by telephone. Nevertheless viewing the different unit sizes for yourself is always the best way to be sure of how your business can really benefit from self-storage.