Renovating the Easy Way with Self Storage

Keep your prized possessions safe

We all have a tendency to let possessions accumulate over the years in which we live in a property. Many of them will be items that we could happily do without, but many others will have huge sentimental (or financial) value. It’s these items that are at risk whenever you undertake major home improvements or renovating.

It’s all too easy for a sheet to slip off a chair and paint to splash onto the fabric, or for dust to build up inside electrical equipment and cause a short that fries transistors and leaves it inoperable. Moving valued items out into storage ensures that this can’t happen.

Speed up your renovations

Even if you’re very lucky and nothing of any importance is ever damaged during your home improvements, there are still good reasons to choose to move your possessions out into storage for the duration.

Having bulky objects in your home that have to be moved from room to room as you decorate can seriously slow the process down. If you want to complete the redecoration of your home and then enjoy the results of your labours in the shortest possible time period, then self storage could be precisely what you need.

A quick trip to the storage unit to drop off your furniture and family heirlooms and then another to put them in place in your remodelled residence could be far preferable to having to play Tetris with your furniture around the house as your renovation progresses. Moving your possessions into storage could also allow you to have professional decorators tackle all of the rooms that are to be renovated in one go, thereby drastically reducing the time needed for decoration.

Decorate before you move in

When moving into a new house or flat, most people want to furnish or redecorate fairly quickly in order to put their mark on their new home and get the place looking just how they want. Often it isn’t possible to redecorate while you are still living in your old home due to the fact that the new owners want to move in. In these circumstances, it can be extremely convenient to put your possessions into storage in order to complete the redecoration before moving in.

The benefit of this is that you don’t have to constantly shift boxes around while you rip up carpets or steam off wallpaper. Instead, you can get the job done quickly and easily before moving in your belongings and starting to enjoy your brand-new home.

Self storage in the countryside

You may have been under the misapprehension that self storage is only available in cities. In fact, Morespace Storage has a storage facility that is handily located in St Neots in Cambridgeshire. Get in touch now to find out how we could help with your home renovations.