Self storage can boost your summer activities

Summer is the perfect time for family & friends to bond & create lasting memories through outdoor activities. A little time away to experience something new can help to recharge our batteries. Whatever the reason you’re likely to require extra gear & storing it can be a problem. Self storage is a convenient solution to keep your belongings clean, organised, protected & secure until your next adventure begins. Let’s explore some fantastic summer outdoor activities & how self storage can help.


Camping is a classic outdoor activity perfect for families & those looking for adventure. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get away from the hustle & bustle of everyday life & enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re staying on a campsite, exploring with a motorhome or even wild camping there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy. Yet camping requires a lot of equipment, from tents & sleeping bags to cooking supplies & coolers. Storing all of these items in a self-storage unit can help to free up space in your home & keep your items dry & clean.


Hiking is another great outdoor activity that’s ideal for anyone seeking fresh air & scenery. It’s a popular way to explore nature & get some exercise at the same time. Whether you’re hiking through a local park or tackling a more challenging trail, it’s important to have the right equipment. Storing your hiking boots, backpacks & other kit in a self-storage unit can help to keep everything organized & easily accessible – ready for the next trip.


Cycling is a fun & healthy activity that’s great for all ages & abilities. Whether you’re taking a gentle ride out, exploring a bike path or hitting the trails, there are plenty of great options for biking adventures this year. Storing your bikes & related kit in a self storage unit can help to free up space in your garage or shed, while also keeping your bikes safe & secure.

Water Sports

If messing about on the water is more your thing, then the summer has to be the best time of the year to enjoy splashing around. Whether you’re kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing or simply swimming, there are plenty of great options for water adventures this year. Water sports equipment can be some of the bulkiest & difficult to store, especially if you only use it seasonally. Keeping your water sports equipment in a self-storage unit can help to keep everything damp free & out of the elements when not in use.


Summer provides lots of opportunity for family events, local fetes & shows. Many enjoy a more low-key outdoor activity like a delicious family picnic followed by some sports in the park or the beach. Storing your picnic baskets, chairs, blankets & outdoor games in a self storage unit can help to free up space in your home & keep them safe ready for next year.