Preparing your garden for winter


As the last warm rays of summer fade away & the leaves start to fall, it’s time to think about preparing your garden for winter. Whist it may seem like a daunting task, a well planned winter garden can ensure a bountiful & vibrant garden come spring time. One often overlooked aspect of this process is the care & storage of your gardening equipment. Let’s explore essential steps for preparing your garden for winter & delve into how self storage can keep your equipment safe.

Clean & Tidy

Before winter takes hold, your garden should be cleaned & tidied. Remove dead plants, weeds, & debris, as they can become breeding grounds for pests and diseases. Rake up fallen leaves to prevent them from smothering your plants & acting as hiding spots for unwelcome garden visitors.

Prune & Trim

Pruning & trimming are essential to ensure the health & vitality of your garden. Overgrown branches can become a liability during winter storms, as they may break under the weight of snow or ice. Properly trim trees & shrubs, cutting away dead or diseased branches & shaping them for the winter months. This allows for better air circulation, which can prevent diseases & fungal issues.


Some plants aren’t tough enough to endure the harsh winter conditions. If you have tender perennials or potted plants, consider moving them indoors or to a protected area. A greenhouse, if you have one, can provide an ideal environment for these plants. A layer of mulch provides much-needed insulation for your soil during winter. It helps keep the soil from freezing & thawing rapidly, which can be damaging to your plants’ roots.

Remove & Store

Garden structures such as decorative ornaments & garden furniture should kept in a safe & dry location. Self storage units are an excellent choice for this purpose however take the time to clean & dry the items before you put them away. Removing these items from your garden will prevent potential damage from winter storms & frost.


Leaving water in your hoses during winter can lead to freezing and damage. To prevent this, drain your garden hoses thoroughly & store them in a shed, garage, or a self storage unit. Proper storage ensures your hoses remain in good condition & are ready for use in the spring.


Your gardening equipment deserve some attention too. Clean, sharpen & oil your tools before storing them for the winter. Self storage units, particularly those with ventilation, can help protect your tools from rust & other damage & ensure they remain in excellent preserved condition. Self storage facilities typically have robust security measures in place. These may include surveillance cameras, pin code access & individual unit alarms. Knowing your gardening equipment is stored in a secure location provides peace of mind during the winter months.

Spring Ready

While you’re preparing your garden for winter, take the time to plan for the upcoming spring. Consider any changes or improvements you’d like to make, what new plants you want to introduce, or any landscaping projects you’d like to undertake. Keeping a garden journal can help you keep track of your ideas & create a list of necessary supplies.