Choosing the Right Packaging for Self Storage

Why is packaging important?

The correct packaging not only safeguards your items and prevents costly damage but also maximises the use of space and makes it easier for you to find what you want, when you want it. As such, boxes are probably the most commonly used form of packaging for self-storage, as their shape makes them easy to stack.

Choosing the correct cardboard boxes

For boxes, there are two hard and fast rules to abide by. First, you need to ensure that your box is the right size. While finding two of the largest boxes available and throwing all of your belongings into them may make the job of packing up easier for you, you’ll have trouble finding your items again at a later date. The space between items may also cause them to collide during transit, risking damage. Find appropriately sized boxes for your various belongings, minimising empty space, and clearly label them.

A worst-case scenario for those who invest in self-storage is seeing their possessions damaged before they even make it to the storage unit. One of the most common reasons for this is old, flimsy cardboard boxes which have been used numerous times before. Think before you pack: would you trust this box to be shipped across the country, or even abroad? If not, invest in some new boxes, or reinforce yours.

Incorporating other materials

Duct tape or tape marked with ‘fragile’ is always a useful material to have handy, especially for taping up corners and bottoms of insecure boxes. Bubble wrap is vital for items of a higher value, such as computers or laptops, while removal blankets can be wrapped around almost anything to protect it while in transit.

You may also want to think outside the box – excuse the pun – when it comes to packing. Are you moving lots of clothes? Think about investing in a vacuum bag, which will allow you to cut down on space. For heavier items, where a cardboard box might not cut it, such as child’s toys, you might want to consider using a plastic box or bin.

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