Wine: is self storage the solution?

keeping your wine collection in self storage

Suitable storage will always help you get the very best from your wine

A lover or collector of wine will know that it can improve with age, but some might not know that incorrectly storing wine can have disastrous effects. There are general guidelines to wine storage, but safeguarding your wine from loss and damage should always be a priority.

Whether you’re a personal wine collector or a restaurant owner, you may not have an appropriate storage solution at your Cambridgeshire home or workplace – such as a wine cellar. If this is the case, it might be time to consider the alternative option wine enthusiasts are loving.

The benefits of self storage

The most crucial factors for wine storage are temperature, humidity and light. A wine collection should also be subject to very little movement, which means you must have the correct equipment. One benefit of a self-storage facility is that you can set up your unit whenever you like. You’ll have enough space to appropriately arrange wine racks, shelving units and crates. This way, you can have suitable walkways between racks for simple access.

The perfect temperature

Ideally wine should be stored at a constant, cool temperature. If an environment is too hot, the compounds in the wine can boil, affecting the colour and clarity. However, freezing cold temperatures will cause the liquid to expand – your beloved bottle of wine is also likely to deteriorate.

A self-storage unit erases these problems. Many facilities offer climate-controlled units, which keep bottles of wine at a constant, appropriate temperature (10 – 18°C).

The issue surrounding humidity

Getting the perfect humidity for wine can be tricky. A humidity level that is too low can cause natural corks to dry out, spoiling your treasured wine collection. On the other hand, a humidity level that is too high could result in mould damage to the labels.

The question of humidity generally only arises when collectors are storing their wine bottles for a long period of time. A climate-controlled storage unit will help prevent these issues.

Let there not be light

All wine enthusiasts know that bottles need to be stored in the dark. Gradual light exposure or direct light will eventually spoil any wine, and the naturally dark environment of a self-storage solution solves this problem.

Choosing your storage solution

No matter the size of your collection, our self-storage facility near St Neots, means you can safely and securely store your treasured bottles of wine. With easy access, individually alarmed units and flexible contracts, you can safely add or remove bottles as you wish.