Protecting Toys for the Next Generation

protecting toys using self storage

How self storage can safeguard toys with sentimental value for the next generation to enjoy

Recently we have tracked an increased level of demand from customers that wish to utilise storage space as a location, to protect household items that are not currently in use, but that have sentimental value.

The trend, which includes Cambridgeshire residents, has seen all manner of objects stored with us, including toys, games and other kids’ items. So why are an increasing number of homeowners choosing to keep toys in a storage facility?

From generation to generation

The answer could lie in the generational gap. While we love, cherish and take great pleasure from toys, they are usually only used during the earlier part of our lives, before more ‘grown-up’ pastimes become the norm. This doesn’t mean, however, that we want to throw them away.

Some of the classic children’s games and toys are just as fun for younger people as they are for us. The chance to introduce them to the same way we used to play is a golden opportunity to bridge the generational gap. Once children and grand children come into the equation, it is the perfect time to bring out those old games and toys, and pass them onto the new generation.

We’re all children at heart

We are also more attached to the games and toys we grow up playing than we realise, and there is always the temptation to whip them out at special times of the year and at family gatherings, for us to relive the old days. Check out the Daily Mirror’s list of ten classic kids’ games, that are quite likely to be just as enjoyable in 2016!

Games don’t just have sentimental value

There are a huge number of games which are considered collectible and stand the chance of increasing in value, such as Scalextric, action figures, Lego or Mouse Trap. Here, Good Housekeeping have charted the most valuable vintage kids’ games. While your items may not be up to these prices, the article gives a good indication of what kind of products now fetch the most.

So, it is clear that throwing away kids toys and games is something that we might live to regret on a number of levels. Until then, however, there is the undeniable fact that these products take up a lot of space in our homes. Where better to keep them – whether you are in a village such as St Neots or in a city like London – than in a reliable self storage space?