Self storage & separating from your partner

Did you know that, although more people are tying the knot than ever before, a large chunk of wedded couples are still doomed to divorce? According to latest figures from the Office of National Statistics, 42% of all marriages in England and Wales now end in divorce, and those figures don’t even take into account engagements broken off, or cohabiting relationships breaking down.

The end of a relationship between husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend, can be a traumatic time: who gets the house, and what happens to the other person, especially if they have to move in with relatives? If you’re the one moving out, what happens to your possessions when you’re forced to relocate back into the poky bedroom of your childhood?

Enter the increasingly popular solution of self-storage. Storage facilities, like the ones here at Morespace, can provide a handy space for you in your time of need, regardless of the items you want to store. Here are three benefits of using self-storage while you’re going through the divorce process:

Helps to separate your possessions

If you’ve been married a long time, with the financial obligations that involves, sorting through the contents of your marital home could be very tricky indeed – especially if you’ve been forced to go and live elsewhere. Try to make a list of what you personally own, what your spouse is entitled to and things that belong to both of you. Move your stuff into the storage unit, which should be accessible to you only – this will keep your possessions safe, especially if one of you has a gripe to grind.

Eases the issue of downsizing

If you’re separating from a partner, the chances are you’ll have to downsize. Merely living in a smaller space than you’ve become accustomed to might seem an unsavoury prospect, but what are you going to do with that grand piano that’s evidently not going to fit into your box room? At Morespace, our sizeable storage units are clean, dry and secure, so you can rest assured that, however valuable your item, it will remain safe until you’re on the move once again.

Can aid with the psychological impact of divorce

In an article for The Atlantic, Abigail Greenbaum likens the self-storage unit she rents after a divorce as a space where she can physically – and mentally – unclutter her life. By using self-storage for a year after divorce, Greenbaum was able to slowly settle on the items that were valuable, and that she needed to keep in her life, and those that she could rid herself of.

Morespace Storage

If you’ve recently experienced heartbreak, or a split in your love life, know that you’re fully supported by all here at Morespace. We’re a secure self-storage facility, close to St Neots in Cambridgeshire, and we can provide a space for you to store your belongings, until you get back on your feet.