Decluttering for a Better & More Valuable Home

With the contents of homes, less is definitely more

It’s surprising how things mount up. All those trips to the shops, birthdays, Christmas and many other occasions of giving & receiving of presents, means possessions are no longer needed but just can’t be thrown away either. It’s no wonder many households today are straining under the sheer volume of things they’re packed with.

Even if people haven’t made a New Year’s resolution to simplify their lives and get rid of the things they don’t need – or at least put them in self storage – it’s still early in the year and there’s still time to make a real change, on a personal level and in the home environment. After all, this is the year that minimalism is making a comeback, as people actively take steps to get some stress relief and have a more easy going life, and it’s surprising now much of that stress is caused by a build-up of things in the home. Simplicity is bliss.

Down to business

After many years or perhaps decades of buying things and keeping them in the home, it can be easy to become overwhelmed at the thought of sorting through it all and deciding what to get rid of (old clothes that no longer fit or are way out of style will always be welcomed by charity shops, and there’s always the option of the clothes bank) and what to place in a self storage facility, where the items will be safe and secure and ready for use again at any time.

The key to properly decluttering a house is to be disciplined and methodical, and to do it in your own time. Go through the property room by room – and only hold on to the items that are used and needed. Everything else goes into a box that’s bound for household self storage.

Selling up and clearing out

Preparing a house for sale and moving means having it in the best possible condition so potential buyers are convinced to go ahead with the purchase. It’s vitally important, so that they agree to the price and the seller can maximise sale value. So before anyone turns up for an inspection, it’s time for a big clear out, putting all those unnecessary things into cardboard boxes and into a storage space.

During a tour of the property, cluttered rooms will only serve to put potential buyers off. Think how much easier it will be to sell a home if rooms are bigger, brighter and airier because they’re free of bunched-up furniture and items spread about all over the place. A decluttered property certainly gives the seller a powerful psychological advantage.

Cost of easier living

Decluttering a property can have a surprising number of benefits, including decluttering the mind. Plus, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This handy calculator from Morespace self storage in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, will show roughly how much.

Whatever the cost of placing your items in self storage, it’s certainly a small price to pay for far greater ease of mind and a much nicer home.