Expand Your Business with Affordable Self Storage Options

Space is at a premium for any small business, and renting more of it to expand product offerings or place additional equipment or paperwork in can be a costly proposition – and one many small firms just cannot afford. That’s why business expansion using self storage has become such a popular option. Firms get the space they need but without a sizeable financial burden.


Companies aren’t just turning to self storage for expansion reasons; the explosion in e-commerce sites means many are operating either from small premises, or even their homes, and need space for their stock. It’s a trend that’s particularly centred around eBay sellers – very small businesses that need somewhere to store their products, as affordably as possible.

In some parts of the world, there’s been a rise in the number of women setting up ecommerce stores or selling via eBay, and they prefer not to rent warehouses as a storage facility but a smaller and more manageable self storage space. Typical products these women are involved in retailing online range from fashionwear to lifestyle items that are ordered from around the world.

Surplus stock

Equally many companies, whether they’re operating in the real world or online, know there’ll be times when they have a stock overflow and there’s simply nowhere to put the excess items. Even if they have existing storage facilities, there may be no available space for the valuable stock, and so a self storage facility presents a temporary and low-cost solution until more stock is sold and they can relocate the surplus to their own premises.

Protecting records

Many savvy firms are finding that, along with keeping digital backups of all their invaluable documents – everything from company foundation papers to legal documents, contracts and so much more – it’s prudent to also keep physical copies, and in as secure an environment as possible.

Servers can come crashing down, putting all those digital files at risk, buildings can burn down and documents can be stolen. Keeping them in cardboard boxes in a secure self storage facility is one way of ensuring they’re protected at all times and ready for use whenever they’re needed. Plus, as wise companies know, it pays to keep their documents all in one place.

These days, it’s possible to store just about anything, from everything connected to a business to even such things as last season’s clothing, to make room in a wardrobe. To find out more about business storage in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, contact us today.