Moving Using a Man with a Van

It’s an affordable, easy option to help people move

Some people have a lot of household possessions while others may not have all that much, but however much they have, when moving in and out of a self storage unit, it makes ultimate sense to hire a man with a van to do it all. Let’s look at the reasons why.

This is a time in people’s lives when there’s just so much to do – and ocean of organisation that could easily have them swamped and leave them finding it difficult to cope with all the various aspects of moving. They already know it’s an incredibly stressful period and the more they can delegate tasks to others, the better. A man with a van will certainly help to lighten the moving load.

It’s highly likely that people who are moving will also be keeping a firm eye on costs, as there’s so much to pay out – not only for the household self storage they’ve booked but an array of other expenses too, including hefty solicitor’s and other fees if they’ve bought a new house. The good news is that a man with a van is a far more affordable option than hiring a removals firm with a big 7.5 tonne truck.

Moving with ease

A smaller transit van to take everything to or from a storage facility is also a more flexible option for those on the move, and will provide the same high level of service customers would expect from a removals firm. That includes packing up all the items into cardboard boxes so that they’re safe and secure for the journey.

People don’t even have to be moving house or going abroad to put their possessions into storage. Nowadays there’s a marked trend to declutter a house and downsize; it’s all about freeing up space at home and freeing minds. For instance, many people collect things, and they have a tendency to build up. Putting them into storage is one way to ensure they’re not only protected but not taking up space in the house.

Additionally, many couples who have had children that have grown up and moved out are finding they have way too much stuff of their own in the house as well as all the things their children have left behind. Placing them in storage, they find, is far better than throwing them out, and it’s especially true if the parents no longer need a large home and are downsizing to a smaller place that can’t hold so many possessions.

These, and more, are all reasons why the self-storage market is booming and why more people than ever are using the services of a man with a van to get the job done with ease.