Keeping Household Items Safe Over Winter

Anyone who has to clear out their house and put the contents into storage over the winter faces a serious issue when they decide where to store their belongings. The cold, damp winter air can potentially cause terminal damage to furniture, electronics and all manner of other perishable items. It’s worth taking a little while to consider what the best storage space option is for prized personal possessions. Morespace offers the best approach to storage in the cold, dark winter months.

The inadequacy of containers

When many people think of storage, the first image that pops into their head is the shipping container. These are still offered as a means of storing personal possessions and are often available at low rates. The trouble with containers is that they will end up with whatever moisture is in the air trapped inside them when the door is closed. This will settle in fabrics and soft furnishings causing mould, discolouration and rot. It will also potentially rust the connections inside electronic goods, causing them to stop working, while causing cardboard boxes to disintegrate.

A more modern approach

It is because of the problems associated with using containers that Morespace near St Neots in Cambridgeshire constructed its own high quality secure storage rooms. These are ventilated to ensure that the kind of damage that occurs with long term household self storage in shipping containers won’t befall Morespace customers.

At the same time, the storage facility offers class leading security with both an alarm system and individual room padlocks. There is also a perimeter wall around the facility and CCTV cameras cover the site 24 hours a day. The business is family owned and the family live on site, which provides an extra level of security.

Users of the Morespace self storage facility are given the key to the padlock to their room and a PIN number. Due to this approach, the service offered is superior to traditional warehouse based storage solutions where the customer’s goods will be locked away in crates and will be reachable only by appointment.

Flexible enough to meet almost any requirement

Nobody wants to spend the festive period worrying whether their household items are safe. By choosing Morespace customers will gain peace of mind over Christmas and potentially far, far beyond. The rooms at Morespace can be rented for as little as a month, or for an unlimited time thereafter.

Rooms are available in a range of sizes to suit both people who have a small number of items and those who have just cleared out a family home. Unloading possessions is facilitated by the easy opening doors on the rooms. The undercover loading and unloading area allows customers to unpack their vehicle without having to brave the elements.

Anyone in need of cardboard boxes should contact our Box Shop who will be able to supply anything necessary to move their goods safely.