Preparing your garden for winter


As the last warm rays of summer fade away & the leaves start to fall, it’s time to think about preparing your garden for winter. Whist it may seem like a daunting task, a well planned winter garden can ensure a bountiful & vibrant garden come spring time. One often overlooked aspect of this process is the care & storage of your gardening equipment. Let’s explore essential steps for preparing your garden for winter & delve into how self storage can keep your equipment safe.

Clean & Tidy

Before winter takes hold, your garden should be cleaned & tidied. Remove dead plants, weeds, & debris, as they can become breeding grounds for pests and diseases. Rake up fallen leaves to prevent them from smothering your plants & acting as hiding spots for unwelcome garden visitors.

Prune & Trim

Pruning & trimming are essential to ensure the health & vitality of your garden. Overgrown branches can become a liability during winter storms, as they may break under the weight of snow or ice. Properly trim trees & shrubs, cutting away dead or diseased branches & shaping them for the winter months. This allows for better air circulation, which can prevent diseases & fungal issues.


Some plants aren’t tough enough to endure the harsh winter conditions. If you have tender perennials or potted plants, consider moving them indoors or to a protected area. A greenhouse, if you have one, can provide an ideal environment for these plants. A layer of mulch provides much-needed insulation for your soil during winter. It helps keep the soil from freezing & thawing rapidly, which can be damaging to your plants’ roots.

Remove & Store

Garden structures such as decorative ornaments & garden furniture should kept in a safe & dry location. Self storage units are an excellent choice for this purpose however take the time to clean & dry the items before you put them away. Removing these items from your garden will prevent potential damage from winter storms & frost.


Leaving water in your hoses during winter can lead to freezing and damage. To prevent this, drain your garden hoses thoroughly & store them in a shed, garage, or a self storage unit. Proper storage ensures your hoses remain in good condition & are ready for use in the spring.


Your gardening equipment deserve some attention too. Clean, sharpen & oil your tools before storing them for the winter. Self storage units, particularly those with ventilation, can help protect your tools from rust & other damage & ensure they remain in excellent preserved condition. Self storage facilities typically have robust security measures in place. These may include surveillance cameras, pin code access & individual unit alarms. Knowing your gardening equipment is stored in a secure location provides peace of mind during the winter months.

Spring Ready

While you’re preparing your garden for winter, take the time to plan for the upcoming spring. Consider any changes or improvements you’d like to make, what new plants you want to introduce, or any landscaping projects you’d like to undertake. Keeping a garden journal can help you keep track of your ideas & create a list of necessary supplies.

Self storage can boost your summer activities

Summer is the perfect time for family & friends to bond & create lasting memories through outdoor activities. A little time away to experience something new can help to recharge our batteries. Whatever the reason you’re likely to require extra gear & storing it can be a problem. Self storage is a convenient solution to keep your belongings clean, organised, protected & secure until your next adventure begins. Let’s explore some fantastic summer outdoor activities & how self storage can help.


Camping is a classic outdoor activity perfect for families & those looking for adventure. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get away from the hustle & bustle of everyday life & enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re staying on a campsite, exploring with a motorhome or even wild camping there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy. Yet camping requires a lot of equipment, from tents & sleeping bags to cooking supplies & coolers. Storing all of these items in a self-storage unit can help to free up space in your home & keep your items dry & clean.


Hiking is another great outdoor activity that’s ideal for anyone seeking fresh air & scenery. It’s a popular way to explore nature & get some exercise at the same time. Whether you’re hiking through a local park or tackling a more challenging trail, it’s important to have the right equipment. Storing your hiking boots, backpacks & other kit in a self-storage unit can help to keep everything organized & easily accessible – ready for the next trip.


Cycling is a fun & healthy activity that’s great for all ages & abilities. Whether you’re taking a gentle ride out, exploring a bike path or hitting the trails, there are plenty of great options for biking adventures this year. Storing your bikes & related kit in a self storage unit can help to free up space in your garage or shed, while also keeping your bikes safe & secure.

Water Sports

If messing about on the water is more your thing, then the summer has to be the best time of the year to enjoy splashing around. Whether you’re kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing or simply swimming, there are plenty of great options for water adventures this year. Water sports equipment can be some of the bulkiest & difficult to store, especially if you only use it seasonally. Keeping your water sports equipment in a self-storage unit can help to keep everything damp free & out of the elements when not in use.


Summer provides lots of opportunity for family events, local fetes & shows. Many enjoy a more low-key outdoor activity like a delicious family picnic followed by some sports in the park or the beach. Storing your picnic baskets, chairs, blankets & outdoor games in a self storage unit can help to free up space in your home & keep them safe ready for next year.

Enhance your Lego collection with self storage

The popularity of Lego is still growing despite having been around for nearly 90 years. Whether you’re an avid collector or just starting out, a self storage room can help keep your collection organised & accessible. As your Lego collection grows, it can rapidly become overwhelming to find enough display & self storage space for all your pieces.

More space

Greater capacity is one of the most obvious benefits of keeping your Lego in a self storage unit, due to the extra space that will be available. Instead of cluttering up your living area with boxes of Lego, you can move your collection to a self storage facility & free up room for other activities.


Lego bricks are made of plastic and therefore can become distorted by changes in temperature & humidity. Storing your Lego & their valuable set boxes in a ventilated self storage unit will protect them from extreme temperatures & moisture.


Self storage units, like the ones found at Morespace, are equipped with CCTV cameras, personal access codes & individual unit alarms. This means your Lego collection will be safe & secure, providing complete peace of mind that your investment remains protected.


It’s important to ensure your Lego collection is clean before storing it in a self storage unit. Dirt & dust can accumulate on the bricks over time, making it difficult to assemble them at a later stage. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove any dirt or debris from your Lego pieces & wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any grime.


Take time to sort & label your Lego pieces before storing them in a self-storage unit. This will make it easier to find the pieces you need when you’re ready to build. Use clear plastic crates or drawers to organise your Lego by colour or type for ease of access later.


Plastic containers can be an effective way to organize your Lego pieces and keep them separate. Use resealable clear plastic bags to store small or delicate pieces & label each bag with its contents. This will help you keep track of your pieces & prevent them from becoming lost or even damaged.


Using racking is an excellent way to store your Lego collection in a self-storage unit. The shelves provide a visual display for your sets plus uncomplicated access to your pieces when needed.


Lego sets are only available from retailers for a limited time, before they’re retired. The value of these sets often increase over time therefore keeping them safe & secure is worthwhile.

Reduce your stress when moving house

Moving house is one of the most stressful events that we can experience in our lives. There is so much to do, from packing up our belongings to finding a new home and setting up utilities. A simple way to reduce the stress of moving is by using self storage. Here are some tips for taking your time and reducing stress during a house move.

Plan ahead

The key to a successful move is to plan ahead. This means creating a detailed plan which outlines everything that needs completed before, during and after the move.

Choosing the right self storage facility

When choosing a self storage facility, it’s important to consider factors such as location, security, and accessibility. The location should be simple to get to from your home, provide ample free parking and allow convenient access times. Make sure the facility has ample security measures in place, such as private entry code systems, individual unit alarms and the latest CCTV. Carefully plan the size of unit you will need using a handy space calculator.

Declutter before you pack

Moving house is the perfect opportunity to declutter and finally get rid of items you no longer need or use. Before you start packing, go through your belongings and set aside items to donate, sell or throw away. This will not only reduce the amount of stuff you need to move, but it’ll also make unpacking at your new home much easier. Self storage is also perfect for items that you are not sure what to do with yet and therefore want to keep for a while.

Stay organised

It is crucial to stay organised, as it can be key to reducing stress during the house move. Keep important documents such as contracts and receipts in a safe and easily accessible place. In addition, keep track of all your belongings by creating an inventory list and checking off items as you pack and move them.

Pack sensibly

When it comes to packing, it is important to pack systematically. This means packing items in a way that makes sense and is easy to unpack later on. For example, pack items from the same room together and label each box with the contents and the room it belongs in. Professional movers can take a lot of stress away, saving you time and complete all the packing for you.

Pace yourself

Take your time by moving your belongings into self storage when it suits you, therefore avoiding co-ordinating removals all on the same day. Then you can move those items into your new home, in your own time, whenever you are ready. Remembering that not all your items have their place in your new home yet, however they are safe until that time arrives.

Take breaks

Moving can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Make sure you take breaks when you need them and prioritize self-care. This might mean taking a few hours off to go for a walk or just treating yourself. Whatever you need to do to take care of yourself, make sure to prioritize it during this stressful time.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Self Storage?

Whether you’re a sole trader, involved in a PLC or anything in-between, many types of businesses benefit from self-storage, to help their company grow and evolve. While it might be a really smart move anyway, the advantages are more than worth it and that’s not just the cost. Let’s look at some of the many reasons why and the types of business that are benefitting right now.

Retailers & distributors

If you run an eBay or Etsy shop from home , you might have limited storage space, and a storage unit could help. It also gives an option to store surplus stock or inventory, a base to take photos or samples, package and prepare for dispatch.


Plumbers, electricians, builders etc. could all find storage useful – somewhere secure to store your tools and allows you to purchase items in bulk.

Professional advisors

Accountants, solicitors, consultants etc. use self-storage to retain sensitive records, archived documentation or exhibition equipment. Particularly useful for long-term mandatory documents that need archived but not necessarily accessed on a daily basis. Therefore freeing-up more working space in your office.

Arts, crafts & studios

Photographers , for example, would have a blank space to set-up in a safe place to leave their equipment. A self storage unit is also works great as a showroom, to display products or services to your prospective customers

Convenience & flexibility

You can come and go as you please during access hours, take advantage of free parking (even for commercial vehicles) and be in complete control of items delivered to your unit.

Self-storage also enables you to scale your business, growing with you by upsizing your unit. In the same vein, it can also downsize with you, as most self-storage facilities don’t require long-term commitments and work on a month-to-month basis.

Many self-storage facilities include packaging shops, allowing you to conveniently purchase cardboard boxes, bubble wrap amongst other items, ready for an effective dispatch of your products.

Control costs

Self-storage costs are simple to budget for, with an all-inclusive monthly invoice, no long-term lease commitments, business rates or utility bills. Therefore costs can be kept under control and flexible enough should you need to downsize or indeed grow.

Safety & security

When it comes to the safety and security of your important items, you can rest assured that most facilities have CCTV, individual unit alarm systems, personalised access codes and you secure the room with your own padlock.

Multi-region storage

Because they are so convenient, self-storage units are perfect for businesses that serve customers all over the country. These units can serve as stock-holding places for other personnel, such as field engineers or staff, to use whenever they require them. This is the ideal solution because it features both high levels of protection and quick access.

How much space?

If self-storage makes a lot of sense for your business, how much room do you actually need? Fortunately many self-storage facilities provide space estimations online or by telephone. Nevertheless viewing the different unit sizes for yourself is always the best way to be sure of how your business can really benefit from self-storage.