Packing Up for Student Holidays

The long summer holidays students have been dreaming of all year will soon be here – and while they’re planning to escape their cramped digs and get well away for a few months, just what will they do with all the things they own? Mum and Dad may not want to be swamped with them – just as they’re getting used to having the house back to themselves – so student storage is the obvious answer!

It’s true that many students may not have all that much in the way of possessions, but what they do have tends to be of some worth and would be costly to replace. For starters, there are all those academic books and papers and possibly a computer or two – plus a growing collection of zany clothing and perhaps a bicycle and even the odd bit of furniture. It pays to plan where to put it when going home or abroad.

Won’t break the bank

All of these items and more take up space in a home and many parents might prefer to do without the clutter. That makes self storage for students’ property items a clear choice, and one that won’t cost the earth either: it’s a highly affordable way to store absolutely everything, and it’s highly secure too.

It certainly provides great peace of mind to students while they’re away working at a summer job, knowing that all their things are protected. Then it’s simply a matter of picking them up when they get back and returning to their studies with everything they own intact.

International affairs

The UK and its world-class universities continue to be a top global draw for foreign students, with several hundred thousand studying here each year. Most of them go back home during major holidays such as summer – to visit family and work, but taking all their possessions with them could be incredibly costly given airlines’ high luggage charges. Plus, they’d have to bring them right back with them. It’s extra expense, and hassle, they don’t need.

Indeed, renowned British universities such as Cambridge typically have in the region of 1,300 international students and from as many as 65 or more countries around the world.

Putting everything into cardboard boxes and placing them in a secure storage facility is definitely the best way to go, before going away. International students can then leave everything in their own dedicated storage space and head home for the holidays, far lighter and with much more money in their pockets.

More Space self storage in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, has availability for students who want to keep their possessions safe and secure while they’re away from college or university this summer. Contact More Space now to reserve a space.