Relocating your family? Why you need self storage

Relocating for family reasons can be a complicated and stressful affair, which is where self storage comes in – it can make the whole process go much more smoothly.

As people get older, they frequently start to feel the desire to be closer to family. Death and illness can play a large part in many people’s decisions, as it makes them realise how important family is. Even pop star Kylie Minogue made the decision to move back to Australia in order to be closer to family. Others relocate to be closer to children and grandchildren, often to lend a helping hand in raising them.

For people moving to be closer to family, self storage is here to make life easier.


Anyone that has moved house will be aware of how much clutter needs to be sorted before the big move. Sometimes – particularly if the move is a quick one – there isn’t enough time to go through absolutely everything. So while the move is being completed, assorted clutter can be moved into a storage facility, until it can be sorted out at a later date. This way, no sentimental items or invaluable trinkets are accidentally lost during the move.

Downsize more easily

Often, grandparents want to move closer to their grandchildren, and in the process, downsize their home to free up capital or get rid of space they don’t need anymore. For those moving from a family home that has decades of memories in it, downsizing can be tough, but it can be made easier by moving belongings that aren’t needed on a regular basis into a storage space. Family photos, old books and the like can be packed into cardboard boxes and safely stored until they’re needed.

Destress and get organised

As everyone knows, moving house is one of life’s most stressful experiences. A self storage space can act as a relocation buffer, enabling new homeowners to move their goods into the house piece by piece and enjoy a bit of normalcy and structure in the months immediately following the move.

Be prepared for emergencies

Even the most well planned move can run into hiccups. If a person is part of a chain, it only takes one buyer to pull out for everyone’s plans to be disrupted. Or there may be a delay before a buyer can move into their new home, and in the mean time they need somewhere to store their belongings while they stay at a family member’s house.

Similarly, a family member may encounter an emergency situation which requires them to store their belongings temporarily. If there is a storage facility they can use until the situation is remedied, they will be extremely grateful.

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