Prepare for Slow Moving

There is no need to rush finding that dream home. Moving house is a long process; even leafing through the reams of emails and answering telephone calls from eternally-optimistic estate agents can take up hours of the day. Combine this with the impending termination of a lease or completion of another sale and it becomes a stressful business. Help is at hand in Cambridgeshire as a high percentage of Morespace customers use us as a temporary solution for storage of belongings and we are used to dealing with all kinds of sticky situations.

Narrowing the search

Most important, and most time consuming, is the physical search. Many of the properties will in reality lack that perfect south-facing garden, proper working fireplaces and enough room for a study. Checking out a few spots and their surroundings using Google’s Street View , even available in St Neots, can be deceptive as you will not have an exact idea of what they really feel like until you have sized up the street with the naked eye and walked through the front door. The neighbour with the habit of playing drum and bass full volume every night or the foul stench of a nearby sewage plant will not show up on the internet. Worse still, with a full-time job or attempting to uphold some form of social life, there are only so many windows in the evenings and weekends to look at them all. But you will get there. Resist the pressure from the agents – when you’ve found the right place you can see yourself enjoying living, you will probably know straight away.

Yet more waiting

When the trawl is finally over and the perfect home identified, the problems do not cease. Even if both parties are keen to get the ball rolling, they will be extremely fortunate if the time between the acceptance of an offer and completion is sorted out in a few weeks. There are so many steps to climb that can all be a bit bewildering for the uninitiated and hold-ups with conveyancing, paperwork or finances can mean the whole thing drags on for months. There is little that can be done about it and keeping possessions in self storage will relieve some of that angst. Units can be rented for however long you like and you can upsize or downsize. All that is required is a minimum of 14 days notice of your intention to vacate it.

A movable feast

Whether you are on your own and only looking to store the contents of a studio flat or have a large family with cupboards full of toys and an extensive collection of rare garden gnomes to keep out of the way, it really doesn’t matter. A 35 sq ft unit should meet the needs of a solo mover without large furniture while the biggest, at 175 sq ft, is sufficient to store the contents of at least a four-bedroom property. At least with Morespace, one piece of the moving puzzle is easily solved.