Squirrelling Away for Winter

Time to get the house in order for winter. Just like the squirrels scampering around the Cambridgeshire countryside stashing away the last of their nuts to see them through the next few months, we too should be making preparations for spending more time indoors. As much as there have been the predictable tabloid scare stories about weeks of snow, chillier weather is still expected to feature prominently and the sitting room is sure to be a more tempting place than the garden. A bit of tidying will make everyone feel more comfortable or hygge, as the Danish love to say, as the nights continue drawing in. And Morespace can help, too.

A change of outfit

The coats have probably already been retrieved from the back of the wardrobe and the heavy duvet, blankets and candles taken out of whichever boxes they were living in. Yet it can still be nigh-on impossible to find room to put away the summer outfits, the picnic set and the golf clubs in an age when our homes seem to get ever fuller of possessions. Without the luxury of plentiful cupboards or a loft, a simple way of decluttering without having to throw out or sell things you will want to use again is to keep them at our storage facility in St Neots. Just like for our bushy-tailed friends, it is reassuring to know that what you need is close at hand, even if you do not require it straight away.

What to put away until spring

As our expert team can advise, taking out a storage unit is not as costly an exercise as you might think. In order to maximise your use of the space, try to think of things you can do without having around the home for the time being. Perhaps there is another set of furniture taking up half of the spare bedroom waiting to be given to relatives when they have secured that new house; maybe the cricket team equipment needs somewhere to go until next season and it really should be somewhere less damp than out in the garage. Your home-business might have a heap of designs that will not be going on sale again until at least March. Our easily-accessible venue means you can stick unnecessary items away and get them back again at a better time. You can keep them with us for as short a period as a month or for as long as you like.

Better than a hole in the ground

Unlike squirrels, which are known to forget where they left their overflow stock, or even risk having it stolen by a rival, something you will not have to worry about is security. Neither will you have to dig a hole in the woods for the sun lounger and patio chairs. At Morespace, our units have individual PIN code access control, are alarmed, and will detect fire and smoke. Our purpose-built, steel-partitioned and ventilated rooms will keep your articles safe from the elements, even when you are unloading them from the car. The important contents can even be fully insured.

The right time to be putting things away for winter is now, before the filthy weather really sets in. It will drive you nuts having to do it later on.