Thinking Inside the Self Storage Box

Outgrown your spare room? It’s time for a professional unit

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the internet selling boom? According to the Office for National Statistics, in August 2016, customers spent more than £968 million online every single week. If you’ve got something to sell, there are potential customers waiting all over the world. With an online marketplace that seems to be growing by the day, and the new tax breaks announced in this year’s budget, here at Morespace in St Neots, we’re finding that more and more of Cambridgeshire’s business people are choosing to keep their stock in a storage unit, taking back their garages and spare bedrooms. After all, if your business is online, or you trade through eBay or Amazon, you don’t need an office – you just need somewhere safe for your stock.

Your flexible friend

One of the main reasons that sellers choose to keep their stock in a self storage unit is the flexibility that it offers them. We know that size matters when you’re running a business. Whatever sort of stock level you’ve got, we’ve got a secure locker which is perfect for it at our storage facility. We can even accommodate any changes to your stock level, by letting you upgrade to a larger sized unit, or move into something smaller if you don’t want to waste money on unnecessary space or seasonal stock. We can even help with stock overflow by providing short term storage. Store whatever you stock, for as long as you need. We only ask for two weeks’ notice if you want to move out completely.

Safe as houses

We want to make sure that your stock is as safe with us as it would be in your own home – maybe even safer. You can come and go 24 hours a day, allowing you to fit in with trading hours all over the world, or simply pop in during quiet times to do a stock check. Every customer has their own PIN number to access our facility, so we can see who’s been and gone. You lock your unit with your own padlock (Which you can provide yourself or purchase from our shop) so nobody, not even our staff, can access your unit. Should anyone try to access your unit without unlocking it, its own alarm will sound, alerting staff to an intruder. We also monitor the entire storage facility with high quality CCTV, 24 hours a day. Fire and smoke detector systems are installed throughout the building, as is ventilation to keep the air circulating.

Don’t spend money on expenses like business rates, service charges, and utilities by hiring a warehouse – come and speak to the storage experts at Morespace about how a self storage unit can work for you. The world of online sales is advancing, and at Morespace, we can help you keep your business at the front line of e-commerce.