Moving abroad? Self storage to the rescue!

It’s well known that moving house is one of the biggest things anyone can do, and when moving is international the stress involved can easily double due to dealing with visas, rights to work in another country, travelling, vaccinations, different electrical supplies – the list really does go on! There are so many things to think about, from what to pack and how to move all that ‘stuff’ that mysteriously accumulated in the house over the years to living arrangements on arrival. But self storage can take away a lot of the problems associated with moving home.

How long is the move for?

If the move is for a set amount of time, renting long term storage space is a brilliant way to make sure all the family’s belongings are safely and securely stored, ready to be brought back into the family home at the end of the trip, leaving everyone to relax and enjoy their stay without having to worry about burglars or contents insurance.

If the move is permanent, on the other hand, there’s a whole lot to organise, from packing everything up and organising removals to shipping them over to the new country, to finding that perfect home, full of local atmosphere and colour, and fitting it out exactly as needed.

Self storage can be handy here, too. If the family is on a budget and are moving home in stages, or if there any delays in moving into your new place in the sun, storage space in the UK can keep belongings safe and allow for a staggered move, giving the opportunity to pay to move more items as and when you need them. Self storage can also help if you’re waiting to buy until you get there, or with moving things into the new house in stages to reduce the initial chaos somewhat.

What to take?

This is where planning and research really come into their own. Make a list of the essentials, like prescription medication and glasses, then look at what’s left.

That huge, comfy overstuffed couch in the sitting room might be perfect for the UK, but it might cost a fortune to ship, and then not suit the climate on arrival. Check what furniture (if any) is already available in the new house or apartment, and look around to find what the locals use. For a shorter trip, it may be easier and cost less to just buy some cheap furniture in the local shopping area than to spend a fortune on shipping.

Pack for the weather with clothing, too, but look at whether your entire wardrobe needs to be shipped or whether more comfortable clothing, more suited to the local area could be bought on arrival. This is one way to save money and avoid hitting baggage limits, too.

What not to take

While Great Aunt Muriel’s vase may take pride of place in the dining room (well, at least as long as she’s visiting), It may not be the best thing to take. Having a good declutter can be very therapeutic, and may even help with some of that stress, and selling some items before travelling can also boost the budget.

Morespace Storage, in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, has the perfect storage facility to help make the move easier.

moving abroad when using self storage